Making Use of Urgent Care FacilitiesMaking Use of Urgent Care Facilities

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Making Use of Urgent Care Facilities

Hi, my name is Margaret Lindsey. My husband and I have four children all under the age of twelve. Our kids are healthy, active little ones who seem to pick the most inopportune times to get hurt or sick. Rarely do they need emergency care during our pediatrician’s business hours. Fortunately for us we have an Urgent Care facility nearby. Some people are leery of making use of Urgent Care services. We have had good experiences, and I am happy to be able to share them with you. We have used our Urgent Care for illnesses such as the flu, bronchitis, ear infections, and sinus infections. We have also used it for sprains and even broken bones. I hope what I have to share will be of help for you and your family.


What You Should Know When Going to a Walk-In Medical Clinic

Some people never really understand how important their health is until some part of their body is throbbing with pain. Activities you once did with great ease then become difficult and almost impossible to perform. Although you might try to grin and bear the discomfort there comes a point when you know you're going to need professional medical attention in order to get well.

If your primary care physician is booked solid and you don't know where to turn, consider going to a walk-in medical clinic. Here's a brief listing of what you should know just before you head out to be seen by the care providers of a local walk-in medical facility.

Walk-In Clinics Take All Kinds of Insurance

If you're dreading the thought of going to the clinic because you're worried about the cost you can rest easy. So many walk-in medical centers accept insurance from their patients. Whether it's a private or public plan, you might be surprised to find that you're able to get an excellent level of care without having to make a huge out-of-pocket payment.

Before you go to the clinic you might want to do a little research. It won't take very long but the benefits can save your pockets long after the ailment has passed. Simply look on the back of your insurance card, find the customer service phone number and speak with a representative at the insurance company. Ask them to recommend an in-network walk-in clinic in your community. This can save you a boatload of money when it comes to co-pay and deductible costs.

Expect to Be Seen Quickly

The beauty of going to a walk-in clinic is that you typically won't have to wait a long time to be seen by a medical professional. Emergency rooms typically take customers based on the severity of their injury. This means that if you have an itchy, sore throat and have been waiting an hour when a heart attack patient enters the building, you will usually have to endure the pain for even longer.

Walk-in clinics tend to specialize in treating some of the more painful, yet non-life-threatening medical problems. You will probably be amazed at just how quickly you're treated and on your way.

Knowing what's coming is the key to keeping fear far away. You can go to the walk-in clinic with the confidence that your pain will soon be a very distant memory.