Making Use of Urgent Care FacilitiesMaking Use of Urgent Care Facilities

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Making Use of Urgent Care Facilities

Hi, my name is Margaret Lindsey. My husband and I have four children all under the age of twelve. Our kids are healthy, active little ones who seem to pick the most inopportune times to get hurt or sick. Rarely do they need emergency care during our pediatrician’s business hours. Fortunately for us we have an Urgent Care facility nearby. Some people are leery of making use of Urgent Care services. We have had good experiences, and I am happy to be able to share them with you. We have used our Urgent Care for illnesses such as the flu, bronchitis, ear infections, and sinus infections. We have also used it for sprains and even broken bones. I hope what I have to share will be of help for you and your family.


5 Reasons You Need To Get An Annual Flu Shot

As flu season approaches, you want to make sure that you properly protect yourself with a flu shot. You can easily get a flu shot at the doctor, at most pharmacies, and even at urgent care centers. With insurance, they're often free! It takes only a moment to get a shot and it will last a whole season. If you're someone who usually avoids getting the flu vaccine or if you're unsure if you need one, you likely do! Here are some of the reasons you need to consider getting an annual flu shot: 

It Can Keep You From Getting the Flu

If you don't enjoy getting sick, you're going to want to get a flu shot. The flu vaccine prevents the flu sickness and for a simple and quick way to prevent a serious illness, it's a no brainer! 

Protect the People Around You

A flu shot isn't just about you. When you get a shot, you can protect those around you, too. When you're out in daily life, you don't want to put others in danger of getting sick. There are some people who are unable to get the flu shot themselves due to serious illness or their age and you can help to prevent the spread of flu to them by getting a flu shot.

You Can Feel Less Sick

If for some reason you do catch the flu despite getting the flu shot, you can feel a lot less sick. This is a good and easy way to lessen the symptoms that you feel from the flu. No one likes being sick, so if you can feel less sick, that is a perk! 

It Can Be Life Saving

The flu shot can be life-saving for those who are seriously ill or for children. Young children have higher odds of dying from the flu, so it's important that they get vaccines regularly. 

Lessen the Risk of Hospitalization or Medical Complications

For people who are more at risk or who have additional medical concerns, getting a flu shot has shown to lessen the risk of influenza-related hospitalizations or medical concerns.

If you're overdue for your annual flu shot, now is a good time to make an appointment. It takes only a few moments to show up and get your shot and you can protect yourself and other people around you. If you have any questions about getting the flu shot, contact your doctor. Learn more about flu shots from service that provides them in your area.